Sunday, 29 May 2011

Cat's End of Season TV Awards

I know this looks like I'm totally copying my favorite TV blog with this post, but I've actually been painstakingly compiling it for months because that's the kind of thing I think is fun to do. For the record, the very talented and TV saavy Ern and Leeard at Because We Watch Too Much TV have put together a far superior list of End of Season Awards, so check them out. In the meantime, here's my list. You'll notice that the list starts out conventionally enough, but becomes a free-for-all of shout outs to shows and actors and plots I've liked this season. But, hey, that's cool: I'm the only one reading my blog anyway!

Best Actor (comedy, female): Amy Poehler on Parks and Recreation
Best Actor (drama, female): [tie] Connie Britton on Friday Night Lights and Anna Torv on Fringe
Best Actor (comedy, male): Nick Offerman on Parks and Recreation
Best Actor (drama, male): Bill Paxton on Big Love

Best New Character, Proper: Blaine (Darren Criss) on Glee
Best New Character, Departed: Amber Tamblyn on House. It’s nice to see a character with uncompromised integrity not get completely snowed over by House. I miss Cameron.
Best Character that should be Annoying but is Actually Awesome: Rob Lowe does it again. His hyper-healthy perfectionist Chris on Parks and Recreation should be horrible, especially since he’s the thing keeping Leslie and Ben from being a real couple, but he’s is actually kind of sweet. It was also fun to see a new side of Anne this season post-breakup.
Worst New “Character”: Steven Tyler’s inanity on the American Idol judging panel. Dude, give them something!
Best/Most Manipulative Character Turnaround: April Kepner on Grey’s Anatomy. There’s some serious puppet-master shenanigans going on over there if that annoying girl who almost killed McDreamy is now more likable than about 50% of the main cast.
Best Character Transformation: Caroline on The Vampire Diaries. Used to be the “most killable character”, but it turns out that death was actually exactly what was needed.
Best Cartoon Character (in a good way): Tina Fey’s Liz Lemon on 30 Rock.
Character I think I’m Most Like: A combination of Payson Keeler on Make It or Break It and Liz Lemon (Although, I’m pretty sure about 60% of my friends also think they’re Liz Lemon. Well played, Ms Fey.)
Best Lovable Villain: Lauren Tanner (Cassie Scerbo) on Make It or Break It. No one oscillates between pure fruits of the Devil evil and sad, broken teenager in pain better.

Best kiss: April finally kisses Andy on Parks and Recreation, and not just because I want to make out with Chris Pratt, but because it was nice to see April put Andy out of his misery with a kiss every bit as surprising (to Andy) as Anne’s surprise smooch in the season 2 premiere.
Best New Couple: [tie] Leslie and Ben on Parks and Recreation and Olivia and Peter on Fringe
Best Couple on Any Shonda Rhimes Show: Calzona on Grey’s Anatomy
Cutest Surprise Couple: Sam and Mercedes on Glee
Most Awkward New Couple: Lexie and Avery on Grey’s Anatomy. It’s mostly his fault, too.
Most Awkward Couple, Proper: Bailey and that nurse on Grey’s Anatomy. Does anyone believe that would happen?
Best Wedding: (tie) Chuck and Sarah on Chuck, although I totally thought it was a fake-out until the credits rolled; and April and Andy on Parks and Recreation, which I totally did not see coming, but found it delightful nonetheless

Best Surprise Pregnancy: [tie] Christina on Parenthood (Btw, I totally called it at the beginning of the season) and Fauxlivia on Fringe
[TIE] Most Shocking (and unwelcome) Nighttime Soap Twist, AND Worst Surprise Pregnancy: Emily Kmetko’s pregnancy on Make It or Break It! NOOOOOO!!!

Best show: Friday Night Lights, for the fifth year running. Sadness.
Guiltiest Pleasure: Grey’s Anatomy. The shooting that wrapped up last season gave the oft-annoying show its mojo back, and propelled it back into the realm of interesting storylines and characters. As it turns out, Meredith actually is a good character.
Best Old-School Procedural: Blue Bloods
Show I Wish I Hadn’t Stopped Watching Five Years Ago: Smallville. The ads for the finale make it look epic.
Most Welcome Summer Programming: (Tie) In Plain Sight and So You Think You Can Dance
[Honorable Mention: Covert Affairs]
Show That’s Trying Too Hard: The Voice. It just feels awkward to me.
Easiest Shows to Drop from My Season Pass List: Desperate Housewives and Gossip Girl. I’m done.
Best One Tree Hill Episode in Two Seasons (deserves its own category because anyone who watches the show knows it operates on another level of “realism” than other shows): The storm episode!!
Most Addictive New Reality Show: Sister Wives
Most Consistently Enjoyable Escapism: Glee. I don't need believable plots, characters, or schemes; I just want the Glee kids to entertain. Check.
Show that Makes Us Angry at Power-voting Teenage Girls and Moms: American Idol. Duh.
Show that Makes Me Gleefully Okay with Not Understanding Anything That’s Going On: The Good Wife.
Show I Keep Putting Off, But Still Really Want to Watch: [tie] Breaking Bad and Sons of Anarchy
Soon to be Best Family Show in a Post-FNL Era (Sniff): Parenthood
Best Show to Go Down Early: Lone Star
Best Canceled Show that Never Lived Up to Its Pilot: Life Unexpected (wah-wah-wah)
Funniest Friends-Wannabe in Five Years: Happy Endings
Best Ensemble Comedy to Grow Out of a Vehicle for One Person: Cougar Town
Canceled Show that Began with a Bang and Ended with a Whimper: Brothers and Sisters. Meh. Rob Lowe is now two for two in affecting good shows for the worst with his departure. (If Parks and Recreation wasn’t already awesome before it acquired him as a cast member, this statistic would be horrifying.)
Most Enjoyable Mystery Show: Pretty Little Liars. At this point, I honestly don’t care if we ever find out who “A” is because the show is so darn fun to watch.
Once-Great Show That’s Starting to Overstay Its Welcome: The Office
Show that I Believe to Be the Worst Scripted Drama on Television: The Secret Life of the American Teenager. If you watch it, you’ll be sorry.

Most Crush-Worthy Male (age-appropriate):
[tie] Chris Pratt on Parks and Recreation and Zachary Levi on Chuck
Cougar Crush-Worthy Male: Steve McQueen, Jr. on The Vampire Diaries. You go, Bonnie!
Most Crush-Worthy Female: Anna Torv on Fringe. I can't be the only straight girl with a huge crush on her. [UPDATE: Turns out, I'm not!]
Most Hypnotizing Gaze: Ian Somerhalder on The Vampire Diaries

Best Castmember on a C or C+ (Maybe) Show:
Ashley Tisdale on Hellcats
Best Recurring Guest Star: [tie] Mamie Gummer and Martha Plimpton on The Good Wife
Best Breakout Reality Star: Blake Shelton on The Voice. Post-haircut, Miranda-era Blake is great, right?!
Best Under the Radar Triple Threat: Heather Morris (Brittany S. Pierce) from Glee. The "Britney/Brittany" episode was all kinds of epic.
Best Under-the-Radar Acting: Nina Dobrev on The Vampire Diaries. Not just a pretty face, that one. Anyone can play the nice girl and anyone can play the villain, but what about at the same time?
Best Reason for an Actor to say, “Take That, SNL”: Casey Wilson is "am-aw-zing" on Happy Endings.
Best Reality Show Contestant: Haley Reinhart FTW!
Most Affecting Trauma Victim: KaDee Strickland’s Charlotte King on Private Practice. Seriously great performance, y'all.
Acting Award for Best Example of Someone Who Played an Irritating Character on One Show, but a Fantastic One on Another: Lauren Cohan's Rose on The Vampire Diaries was so obnoxious, but Cohan was hypnotizing as Vivien Volkoff on Chuck.
Busiest Actor/Musician: Donnie Wahlberg, who has a leading role on Blue Bloods and moonlights with the reunited New Kids on the Block/NKOTBSB. You might say he’s hangin’ tough. Heh.

Most Jaw-Dropping Moment on a Quality Program: Nate’s death on Southland. Did NOT see that coming.
Best Example of America Only Collectively Hating Certain Women, but Still Not Totally Liking Them: Lauren and Haley make the top 3 on Idol, clinching a female presence in the finale. But then they lost to another “cute boy”.
Most Surprisingly Gut-Wrenching Finale: Sister Wives. It made me feel angry at the government.
Best Inspirational Sports Moment: Payson’s Kerri Strug vault on Make It or Break It. You go, Payson! You land that vault on one leg to help the team!
Best Eating Disorder Storyline on Any Show in Recent Memory: Kayle Cruz’s Female Athlete Triad troubles on Make It or Break It. Awareness five!
Show that Cornered Itself with a Really Specific Gimmick without Thinking It would Run for 7 Seasons: How I Met Your Mother. We’re going to need a little revisionism to make those kids teenagers if Ted doesn’t meet the mother, like, tomorrow.

Best Original Song: “5,000 Candles in the Wind” on Parks and Recreation. MouseRat is kicking Glee's butt right now.
Best Haircut: Quinn's on the Glee finale
Best Invented Word from a TV Show: "Manamonster" (Manager + Mom + Monster. Heh.) from Make It or Break It.
Best Sports Network: Universal Sports. SUCH a better sports network for track geeks!
Worst Night to have a TiVo that Only Records Two Programs at a Time: Thursday. WTH, networks?!


  1. i'm sorry i disagree. Lauren was amazing as Rose on vampire diaries, and she's an amazing actress. glad u thought she did good on chuck but she is awsome on everything. Rose was not annoying, she was great. Her death was one of the saddest things on vampire diaries this year. Maybe you should take another look.

  2. Aww, thanks Cat.

    Totally agree with you about Rose. Not a beloved character at all. The only reason we were sad about her death was Damon was sad. And her accent was half-and-half. Annoying. Bad haircut too.

    And when you said you liked Payson Keeler on Facebook, I almost wrote, "That's because you ARE Payson Keeler." I should have, haha.

    Your awards are great. Also agree about April Kepner and Rob Lowe's character. But we MUST know who A is, at least by the end of season 2. It's time for a new A and a new mystery. They are dragging that out.

  3. @Anonymous: Thanks for commenting. I didn't mean to offend -- maybe I should have phrased myself differently. I thought the *character* of Rose was annoying, not the actress. I think Lauren Cohen is very talented, as evidenced by the huge differences in the two characters. One woman's opinion was that Rose was obnoxious, although I will concede that her death scene was very sad.

    @Ern: I'm happy to give you girls props anytime: your blog rocks! Haha, Payson is so me in high school/college! (Except, I would never have kissed my coach, no matter how much special attention he gave me. Eww.)

    The thing that works for PLL is that there's an urgency to every single episode, just like there is in high school, generally. That's why the mystery thing is so fun to follow. Do you think PLL could survive without the "A" mystery, or would it fizzle the same way Desperate Housewives did after the first season's mystery was solved?

  4. To start- I read every post you post, so you are not the only one reading your post :P Find them to be quite entertaining actually. Read a few of your awards to a friend who watches Make it or Break it and she agreed and was cracking up! So with that said my thoughts:

    I totally agree with everything about your comments on TVD. Caroline is so much better as a vampire then she was as a human on the show. I was hoping she would get killed off at the beginning, now she is one of my favorite characters. Nina Dobrev I have come to the conclusion that she is better as Catherine then Elena. When she plays Elena it feels fake and like she is trying too hard, but when she plays Catherine it just feels and looks better for her, more natural and real. And yes Ian's eyes you can totally get lost in and it is so much worse in person! I mean wow, gorgeous lol.

    When it came to the award for guiltiest pleasure, I would actually say it would have to be TVD instead of Grey's Anatomy, but prior to TVD Grey's was my number one choice.

    I see you are not liking The Voice too much, it is different that is what I like about it. I can agree it is trying too hard probably because it is trying to make it in an American Idol driven world. There are some great voices on the show though and will be interested to see where it goes from battle rounds. Something to get through the summer months of not enough shows on!

    I can agree with you when it comes to the awards for the shows I have seen, but some, well many of the shows I have not watched sadly. I do hate Thursday's though because I have had to start using my roommates DVR in the living room to record a show or two on this night lol.

    Loved reading the awards, awesome! This summer I am going to check out some of the shows you mentioned here, you have never steered me wrong before!

  5. Thanks for the loyalty and encouragement, Tiffany! The Nina Dobrev thing is funny because I remember having the same conversation with you a couple of months ago -- and I'm pretty sure we disagreed then. I definitely think she's better as Catherine (always more fun to play villains!), but I think she does a nice job as Elena, too. Maybe I'm contrasting the character too much with Bella from Twilight, but Elena is so much more interesting to me, thanks in large part to Dobrev.

    TVD is such a guilty pleasure, but oddly enough I can justify it as more quality TV than Grey's usually is! TVD is better at storytelling and keeping the tension ebbs and flows at interesting levels. Grey's just feels like a soap most of the time, but by golly I love it!

    I totally see your perspective on The Voice, btw. I just think it's still a little awkward with its mid-performance editing tactics. Honestly, during a performance, I don't want to see family members, hosts, or judges; I just want to see the performance. Idol is a well-oiled machine these days (sometimes too much so), so it's strange to try to shift to a scrappy show like this one. I'm still watching, though, and as I mentioned, Blake Shelton has been a nice surprise.