Monday, 16 May 2011

Renewal/Cancelation Abounding

The time of year when we find out the fate of our favorite shows is upon us, and, actually, the carnage hasn't been too bad. Here's some news on some "bubble" shows I've been moderately to extremely invested in over the years:

Parenthood: Thankfully will be returning in the same night and time!

Brothers and Sisters: Canceled, and I'm not too upset about it. The show took a hard turn for the worst when Rob Lowe and Emily VanCamp left, and frankly I've found the Walkers' antics on the annoying side of late.

Chuck: The show with nine lives will be returning for 13 episodes in a fifth and final (sadness) season.

V: Sad trombone. I'll miss having a weekly dosage of Elizabeth Mitchel's awesomeness the most.

Happy Endings: Renewed! Yayness! If you haven't been watching this show, you're missing out. Even the pilot was funny! Don't be deterred by all the Friends comparisons, either. This show has its own spirit.

Mr. Sunshine: Canceled, and it's a darn shame, since the show was getting better with each installment, and Lizzy Caplan and Matthew Perry had some really fun chemistry in the finale. Ironic that Matthew Perry's show was canceled instead of a show that has some obvious Friends parallels (6 friends, hanging out).

Off the Map: Canceled. Meh. Mamie Gummer deserves better.

Chase: Canceled, and I'm about 87% sure that I'm one of seven people not affiliated with the show in any way that's still watching NBC's Saturday night burn off of the remaining episodes, but I'm enjoying myself. Fun show that got much better as it went. It also had two really dreamy main characters (Cole Hauser and Jesse Metcalfe)! Loss.

Fringe: Renewed. YESSSSS.

Better With You: Canceled. So many likable actors couldn't make the multi-camera sitcom funny again. Plus the writing was bad. All of those actors deserve way better.

Several other shows that I love were renewed weeks ago, like the ever perfect Parks and Recreation, the unceasingly hilarious 30 Rock, and the brilliant Southland. I haven't heard much about new summer or autumn shows, but I'll keep you posted when I get really excited about something!


  1. I was sooooo sad when I heard V was canceled. I really enjoyed and looked forward to watching the show each and every week. Then again the original was canceled as well, so should not be shocked. Glad some of your other shows stayed on though!

  2. Yeah, V was a bummer. It was a bit surprising that it survived its first season, though, so I think it actually did pretty well, all things considering. The pilot to that show was unbelievable!