Tuesday, 17 May 2011

ABC's Fall Programming

Here's an interesting analysis of ABC's decision to order a somewhat staggering thirteen new series for next season. The strategy seems to be to throw a bunch of shows on TV and hope something is a hit. As the article mentions, ABC is in need of a hit with long-term viability, especially as Desperate Housewives and Grey's Anatomy are getting to the twilight years of a series run.**

All in all I think ABC made some admirable decisions on the renewal/cancellation side of things. It stood by the fantastic Cougar Town (even though it's not coming back until mid-season) and Happy Endings, a comedy still in its infancy but nonetheless showing great potential; while canceling the not-there-yet-nor-probably-ever-will-be Better With You and only semi-enjoyable Off the Map. In fact, it gave V an extra, undeserved season, when it probably should have been canceled with Flash Forward last year.

My point is that ABC seems to be sticking with decent scripted programming for the most part, and many of its new orders are, in fact, scripted -- as in, not reality -- shows. Respect. FOX, meanwhile, let the axe fly on [gulp] seven out of twelve of its live-action scripted shows, making me feel really glad that Fringe has such a vocal fan base! Anyway, read the article and tell me what you think. I for one am pretty excited at the thought of a bunch of new scripted shows that aren't exclusively cop and medical dramas.

**For the record, I think Grey's is actually pretty good TV these days. The shooting in last season's finale revitalized what had become stale hospital soapery, and it's been a pleasure to watch since. I actually felt anxiety post-episode for Meredith after Karev's douchy reveal of her naughty behavior to Owen last week. Post-episode anxiety is almost always a desirable emotion for me, btw. Housewives, however, has become a sad, flailing mess, and it needs to join Brothers and Sisters in the dark recesses of canceled shows that used to be interesting.

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