Monday, 29 August 2011

Lucas Scott, Redux!

According to TV Line, Chad Michael Murray is returning to One Tree Hill during the final season! Reader, this news makes me disturbingly jovial, in spite of the fact that Peyton Sawyer was the best thing about whiny (but not quite to Dawson-levels, in all fairness) prettyboy Lucas Scott, and Hilary Burton is not returning. Given Lucas and Peyton's unceremonious drive into the sunset at the end of the sixth season, though, I think I'm excited about, perhaps, a little closure with those crazy kids -- even sans Peyton.

Aww, One Tree Hill, you are so my favorite pair of university sweatpants!

Wednesday, 3 August 2011

A Reason to be Excited about 'House'

Rather than having a love-hate relationship with House, I have what we might call a like-apathy relationship with it, meaning that I mostly stay caught up with it, but it's not usually a show I watch without other distractions (like Southland or the now deceased Friday Night Lights [may it rest in peace. Please let it rest in peace, Peter Berg!]). Its good episodes, though, are really good, and it gets very talented actors creating interesting characters more often than not. Amber Tamblyn's stint as Martha Masters this last season was one of my favorite multi-episode, non-regular character runs since Sela Ward's Stacey Warner back in season two. I also really liked Kal Penn's Kutner, and his seemingly-out-of-nowhere-but-not-when-you-really-think-about-it exit from the show.

Now it looks like the casting directors are attempting to earn more cool points as the show moves into its probable final season sans Lisa Edelstein: Charlene Yi, in all her fantastic hipster awkwardness, will soon be joining the cast! While I'm not totally sure Yi's awesomeness will fit into the House formula (not everyone gets her humor, I think [for a laugh, hunt down clips of her on Jay Leno's show sometime]), I'm excited to watch the attempt.