Monday, 18 October 2010

Hopefully Good News for Chuck!

Chuck, which has rapidly become one of my very favorite shows on TV right now, is apparently very close to getting a full season order! Season 4 had only been renewed by NBC for 13 episodes this season, which isn't too much of a surprise, given its struggle with ratings and near-cancellation every season since it debuted. It's exciting, therefore, to see one of the most fun and creative shows on network TV possibly getting a little love with a full, 22 episode order!

NBC has made some serious mistakes with their programming of late (has anyone forgotten about the Jay Leno 10/9c fiasco of 2009? Never forget.), but it should be commended for standing by some of its lower-rated, critically acclaimed fare. After all, the Peacock has kept Chuck, Friday Night Lights (my vote for the best show on TV), 30 Rock, and Parks and Recreation on the air for multiple seasons, in spite of ratings struggles. Now that I really think about it, I probably shouldn't bash NBC too much. They're doing alright over there.

Fingers crossed for Chuck, y'all! We all need more Colonel John Casey in our lives!

UPDATE: Chuck got picked for a full season of not 22, but 24 episodes! Big points for the Peacock!


  1. Confession: I never got into Chuck. Leeard loves it. She tried to make me watch it. I think we made it through at least half of a season once together. I just didn't get it. Yeah, Casey is cool, but he was cooler in Firefly (if dumber). But I hope it lives on. There isn't another show on like it, and I can appreciate originality.

  2. That's cool. For a long time I was just watching for Chuck and Sarah to finally get together...and to love all things Casey, of course. I think its originality is its biggest aspect. Fun show.