Thursday, 28 October 2010

"Big Love" Announces Final Season; Cat Angrily Shakes Fist in Air

According to EW, HBO announced today that the upcoming season of Big Love will be its last. This sucks for me mainly because it has, for about three years now, been one of my top five favorite TV shows currently on air. I think the character development has always been great, the troupe of very talented actors do interesting and subtle things with their respective characters, and the fact that the showrunners could take such an out-there concept like polygamy in the suburbs and turn it into something more compelling than creepy gives this show a fascination quality that a lot of shows (even HBO shows) don't have.

Let me get real with you for a second, though: I am aware that season four was a little rocky. During its run, I defended the sheer madness of Bill running for public office as something that egomaniac Bill would do. I also sucked it up and suffered through the creepy foray into the Mexican polygamist compound. Even the crazy Weekend at Bernie's-style high-jinks with Roman's dead body was painful, but moderately endurable on its own. When taken as a whole, though, I will admit that season four may have jumped the shark a little bit. That said, the show never lost me, and I still love the characters. Chloe Sevigny, in particular, distinguished herself over the last couple of seasons with some seriously great acting. I'm very sad to see this show bow out after five seasons, even though it's probably the best thing for the show creatively.

Its cancellation is hitting me in a sore spot, as this last May marked the end of one of my other favorites LOST, and next spring will signal the end of my favorite show on TV bar none Friday Night Lights. Dude, three out of five favorites leaving with no legitimate contenders for a new favorite on the horizon? That totally sucks! My other two favorites, Parks and Recreation and 30 Rock, are brilliant comedies, but I need a drama to anchor my TV schedule in something serious. The only one I can think of is NBC's Parenthood, but it's still no Friday Night Lights. What's a gal to do? I'll keep you updated on my search. In the meantime, at least we've got one more season each of both Big Love and FNL to enjoy!


  1. Uh oh. With FNL and Big Love leaving, I guess the best drama will be....The Vampire Diaries? I also really like Breaking Bad, even though the pilot sucks. After that, it's good.

    I'd like to see Chloe Sevigny get work on another good show soon. I agree, she's great and there's also something very unique about her look and the way she carries herself.

  2. I need to watch Breaking Bad. I've heard from many reliable sources (including yourself) that it's fantastic. I think I've been avoiding it because it's on the same network as Mad Men, which I loathe, in spite of its critical acclaim. But that's a stupid reason, so I'll definitely watch it over Christmas. The Vampire Diaries has probably entered my top 5 at this point. It's amazing to me how that show keeps topping itself!

    Chloe Sevigny is a strange bird, but seriously brilliant. I also hope her Big Love experience has made her interested in doing more TV. I've enjoyed watching her develop Nicki as a character over the four seasons.