Monday, 26 March 2012

This Week's Random TV Thoughts

Re: Idol. Agree with this 100%.

Ringer has gotten A LOT better. Has anyone else been watching this? It was one of the worst new pilots this season, but it has wiggled its way into priority viewing for me each week. It's a show defies intelligent commentary (not that I do that here anyway!), but is a blast in a One Tree Hill kind of way. Sarah Michelle Geller has finally figured out what she's doing with these characters, and I'm also loving the addition of Sean Patrick Thomas to the cast. Unexpected, but fabulous. One question, though: how could Kristoffer Polaha be so wonderful on Life Unexpected yet so horrible on this? They need to figure out what they're doing with that character.

Speaking of One Tree Hill, I've been enjoying most of OTH's swan song. [SPOILERS!] Nathan's kidnapping and Dan's mission to spring him have been excellently OTT in the way that I like from OTH. You may disagree with me on this, but I actually think Sophia Bush and Bethany Joy Galeotti have emerged from this show as pretty good actors. They both offer the most compelling subplots because of how well they carry them. I cannot say the same for Clay and Quinn. Wow, I so don't care about his quest to rediscover his son!

It's a little post-hype, but I totally saw the Pretty Little Liars reveal coming! [SPOILERS!] I mean, duh, Mona was involved! I loved how they handled the big revelation of A (well, one of the A's), but kept the stakes high for next season. Regarding Maya's death, I've been reading message boards, and apparently some people are/were actually fans of Emily and Maya. I thought most PLL fans were unanimous on two points: 1) That Spencer would be a really good friend; 2) That Maya was crazy-cakes. Very strange.

NBC's Awake is freaking fantastic! Have you guys been watching this? Jason Isaacs is the perfect actor to take on this character, and he's extremely compelling in this psychological mind-twister. Loving everything about it so far.

This almost made me pee in my pants.

The episode of Once Upon a Time entitled "Heart of Darkness" (how many times did you have to read that book in college, btw? For me, it was a least three.) featured several really great ACTING! moments from Ginnifer Goodwin, but especially in the scene in which she [SPOILERS!] tries to shoot the Queen, but hits James/David instead and then remembers love. The way she played that scene reminded me of why I loved her so much Big Love. That single tear was devastating. Still really enjoying OUAT, btw.

Happy Endings is getting funnier and funnier, if that's even possible. If you're not watching it, you're missing out!

Not loving this new subplot about Grayson having a kid on Cougar Town. The same thing pretty much ruined Luke on Gilmore Girls for me.


  1. It's weird that some people like Maya. The majority do not. I dropped Ringer after the winter premiere. It's a crowded night. It did get better though. LOVE Awake, but I'm afraid to get attached since we might not get to keep it. Agree about Happy Endings and Cougar Town. Most of the time illegitimate love children work better if they are boys, but it's better not to have them at all. If anyone can make it funny, Cougar Town can. But yeah, it totally ruined Luke. Gilmore Girls ended in season 5 for me and then just skipped right to the sweet finale.

  2. Also, the stupid new blogger format doesn't alert me to your new posts as well the last one did. How did you post several times without me seeing it? Stupid blogger.

  3. Boo. The new format is making things difficult for everyone!