Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Southland Returns!

The best cop show on TV returns from its long hiatus tonight. TNT's eleventh hour save of Southland a year ago from the recesses of NBC cancellation oblivion proved to be one of the best TV moves of the year, and in spite of its short second season (only 6 episodes!), the show managed to improve on its excellent first year. I know the idea of "another cop show" turns a lot of people off, but I would argue that this is a procedural that makes you forget it's a procedural. The character drama is first rate, as good as or better than anything on cable right now, and it doesn't try to over-sentimentalize the "gritty reality of the job", if you know what I mean. I also think Regina King is doing the best work of her career on this show.

In short, I know I talk about a lot of silly shows on here, but I would never seriously recommend One Tree Hill or Pretty Little Liars to anyone. I recommend Southland, though.


  1. I think Pretty Little Liars is recommendable, but Southland is MORE recommendable.

  2. Fair enough! I guess it always depends on *who* you recommend it to.