Tuesday, 7 September 2010

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

In the past, people have asked me which shows I watch, as if I'm only allowed to be dedicated to about 2-3 per week. Clearly these people don't know me very well. When a new TV season begins in September, I fully commit to it, complete with a list of shows with their premiere dates, a meticulously organized Tivo season past list (it only records the first two in each time slot after all!), an unspoken desire to clear the Tivo of summer baggage (my term for shows that you record during the summer, but don't really care very much about), and a resolve to at least try a couple of new shows for the sake of being in the loop. Truthfully, I don't know how I get to all of them, but somehow I still get actual work done amidst all the TV watching. Granted, after a couple of months, something's gotta give, and several shows typically get the old "I'll catch up with it on DVD" boot, but that's generally how it goes for me at the hopeful beginning of a new season.

Well, folks, the new TV season is upon us. And although the cable networks have been doing a wonderful job of late at keeping the summers less boring, pretty soon we're all going to remember why we naturally lower our TV viewing standards in the summer to get us through.

And football season starts, too!

So, for the sake of those who have always wondered, but have been afraid to ask, here is my intended TV show list for the Fall of 2010, with their networks and premiere dates in parentheses. Some of these shows admittedly suck, but have at some point hooked me in and refused to let me go, so reserve your judgments for another blog. On this the eve of season premiere week, I wish you a happy TV season!

Sunday -- Desperate Housewives (ABC 9/26); Brothers and Sisters (ABC 9/26); Boardwalk Empire (HBO 9/19)

Monday -- Chuck (NBC 9/20), How I Met Your Mother (CBS 9/20), House (FOX 9/20), Lone Star (FOX 9/20), Gossip Girl (The CW 9/13), The Event (NBC 9/20), Chase (NBC 9/20), The Big C (Showtime)

Tuesday -- Glee (FOX 9/21), One Tree Hill (The CW 9/14), Life Unexpected (The CW 9/14), Running Wilde (FOX 9/21), Parenthood (NBC 9/14), The Good Wife (CBS 9/28)

Wednesday -- The Middle (ABC 9/22), Undercovers (NBC 9/22), Lie To Me (FOX), America's Next Top Model (The CW 9/8), Better With You (ABC 9/22), Modern Family (ABC 9/22), Hellcats (The CW 9/8), Cougar Town (ABC 9/22), Law and Order: SVU (NBC 9/22)

Thursday -- The Vampire Diaries (The CW 9/9), My Generation (ABC 9/23), 30 Rock (NBC 9/23), Gray's Anatomy (ABC 9/23), Fringe (FOX 9/23), The Office (NBC 9/23), Nikita (The CW 9/8), Private Practice (ABC 9/23), Project Runway (Lifetime)

Friday -- Blue Bloods (CBS 9/24)

Saturday -- SNL (9/25)

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